Mass Tach.

Project Description

The biggest fundraiser in western Canada by a high school. Since they have started they have raised over $1.2M. I was apart of that event. Not only does it help the world, but it brings the school together as a community. When I was there I developed a countdown system to which you hear the students count down to in the video below (side note I appear in the video multiple times but not where you think.)

The school knows how many people participate, how much they have raised, how much fun they have. I want to add one more thing to that list. How far as a GROUP have they BIKED in REAL-TIME.

Enter Mass-Tach (short for Massive Wireless Tachometer Network.) These little devices are going to be able to report the distances to the riders back in real time. I really look forward to this project being completed since by my rough math the students should bike around the world TWICE as a collective group over the 48 hours.

Project Details

  • Date September 17, 2015
  • Tags Embedded, Mobile, Ongoing, Raspberry Pi, Web, Wireless
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